About Us

Have you ever wondered that someone should come to your office and serve you a hot cappuccino before that all-important meeting of yours? Ever wondered that someone should knock on your door and serve you hot chocolate when you want to kick back and relax? If you have thought about these things then read on and get to know us because we thought about them too…

A simple discussion during a coffee break and the excitement of getting our favourite cappuccino delivered to us led to the humble beginning of Caffè Basket. Caffè Basket is a dedicated online cafe products and services provider. We aim to utilize our high-end machines and cafe expertise to make the finest cafe products which are similar to your favourite cafe outlet. We take pride in being the first-of-its-kind online cafe in India which aims at delivering premium quality cafe products to your doorstep. From households to offices we are in tune with all the needs of the cafe lovers. Caffè Basket aims at making its products and services a little better every day than the day we found it. We constantly seek to provide the best Online Cafe and Cafe-At-The-Door experience to our customers.

We would love to read your feedback and recommendations for evolving Caffè Basket as your very own online cafe. Please feel free to get in touch with us using Contact Us. Enjoy!